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Initial Washroom Hygiene are one of the leading providers in washroom hygiene, vending and floor mat solutions. Pay attention to the washroom in the next restaurant, pub or shopping centre you visit; you will more than likely see our products dotted around the washroom. We maintain the washrooms we sell to, meaning we have plenty of people in vans to service our customers and many of our positions have lots of customer contact.

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Our Apprenticeship Programme

At Rentokil Initial, we love to learn. We are constantly running a variety of training courses, including our twelve-month customer service apprenticeship programme. We award over 100 NVQ level 2 qualifications in customer service each year to our colleagues who learn in a variety of ways - in the field, in the classroom and through eLearning. 

Don't worry - you are given plenty of support by a selected mentor and our training team, guiding you through the learning process. Our learning environment is also constantly being audited by Ofsted, the UK's education standards authority.

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