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We've been running apprenticeships since 2017.

Full salary alongside on the job training.

Opens up progressional opportunities.

Our Apprenticeships

A New Approach to Training

In 2023, we ranked 27th in the Top 100 Apprenticeship Employers, a national league that recognises England´s top apprenticeship employers. Our modern, government accredited apprenticeships provide an excellent base for our colleagues to improve and enhance their skills.

We have been running apprenticeships since 2017 and are committed to providing training to our colleagues that is relevant to their role. Our most popular programme that we supply is a Level 2 Apprenticeship in Customer Service, lasting 12 months and is 100% delivered by Rentokil Initial in your working hours. There are a number of ways we deliver this scheme - this isn't a textbook-only course!

What would you gain?

1. A free qualification

You’ll receive a Level 2 Apprenticeship Qualification in Customer Service on us, whilst on a full salary and training on the company’s time with no examination cost or overall fee! This is a widely-recognised qualification and proves your high competency levels in customer service.

2. Progression

By proving your expertise and your extra capacity to perform to a high standard, you are sending an excellent message to management staff in Rentokil Initial; a business which heavily encourages internal promotion over external advertising.

3. Functional skills

All apprenticeships require that candidates finish the programme holding functional skills qualifications to a minimum of level one and working towards level two. This means that you may be given the opportunity to upgrade your functional skills qualifications in English, Mathematics and possibly IT.

4. Further development opportunities

The customer service apprenticeship is just one of a number of apprenticeships we run. Having completed a level 2 Apprenticeship you will be eligible for higher-level apprenticeships to improve your knowledge, skills and behaviours required for frontline management, marketing or training and coaching.

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