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The interview process is a two-way street; although it’s a chance for your potential employer to learn more about your educational and professional background to determine whether you are right for the job, it’s also an opportunity for you to gain more of an insight into whether this job is right for you by asking intelligent questions.

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Preparing for a telephone interview from the recruitment team at Rentokil Initial

Our interview structure is very much designed to get to know you.

We will want to talk through your CV and why you have applied for this specific role, also what you know about us? We will finish off the interview with some straightforward interview questions. So all in all it should only take 20/30 mins of your time.

  • What sort of things can you do to prepare -

    • First things first, make sure that you know your CV and know your strengths. We will want to know:
      • Reasons for leaving your previous roles?
      • Why there are gaps in your CV?
      • What were your roles and responsibilities? 
    • Look at the job description again and know what you are applying for.
    • Research us. Start with our website. We would always suggest that you look at the website and the different divisions we operate in. Once you have done that we would say to look at the specific division that you are applying to? Look at the different products and services we offer, so that you can show off how much you already know about us.
    • If you are applying for a graduate role then you will want to look at the graduate pages on our website as well.
    • Look at our company reviews on Glassdoor. You need to make sure we are the right fit for you as well as you being the right fit for us.
    • Make sure you have thought of some examples for any competency based questions we will ask.

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