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Our People

Self Motivated

We trust you to do a good job even when there's no-one around.

Hands On

You might need to dig in and get your hands dirty...are you up for that?


We're all pushing towards the same goal. Always.

Customer Service Focused

Our customers are our priority, are they yours?

Determined and Driven

We want to promote you. Show us you're ready and want it.


You're a representative of our business. Show us off.

Problem Solver

Your manager might not always be on hand. We encourage you to solve your own problems.


No two days are ever the same and things are always changing. Do you like variety?

Business Focused

Can you think outside the box? We pay you to identify fresh business opportunities to our sister businesses. Everybody wins.

Meet Us

To get interviews from a Sales and Pest Grad, CDR, Technician, Sales Consultant, CTP

  • Tell us a bit about yourself, where you’re from what you do?

  • What do you do all day?

  • If I’m looking for my next big career change, how can I get your job and what advice would you give me about working at Rentokil?

  • What makes you a Rentokil person?

  • Where do you see your career with Rentokil going?

  • What’s your favourite thing about working with us?

  • It’s not all work work work...what do you do for fun?