Our Recent Graduates

Fionn Killeen | Initial Washroom Solutions

Position: Graduate Sales Consultant

Degree: Business and Management BA

I heard about Rentokil Initial through Indeed; after some research it was the size of the company, and with that, the potential opportunities that could possibly arise that really attracted me to the role. This was further enforced during the interview process where every stage made me more confident that this was a company that clearly sees the benefit of employing a Graduate. But with that actively look to promote within and gives you the support necessary using well structured development programmes that really help you to fulfill your potential.

What do you enjoy about your role/company?

I enjoy the fact that everyday is different and you really are in control of your own destiny.

When you joined what position did you do and what did it involve?

I am 9 months in to the role now and am currently working towards graduating through to the next stage of the programme. At this point I am a graduate sales consultant still getting to grips with hitting targets on a monthly basis and everything that you need to do in order for you to be able to achieve this consistently.

What advice would you give to someone thinking about applying?

This is definitely a company I would recommend to a friend. There are plenty of opportunities and as long as you are prepared to work for it the world is your oyster. I have only been here 9 months and already I am giving it a glowing reference. If you enjoy a fast paced, varied environment then this is for you.

Georgina Smith | Rentokil Pest Control

Position: Regional Technical Account Manager

Degree: BSc Zoology

I first heard about Rentokil via a job recruitment agency. The ad appealed to me because it was offering a field based programme which was aimed at helping you progress within the business whilst allowing you to gain professionally recognised qualifications along the way.

What do you enjoy about your role/company? I enjoy the fast pace that the business runs and evolves at and being able to work with other infamous large scale organisations. I also enjoy the variety of the job. No two days are the same and allows me to mix practical field work with theory.

When you joined what position did you do and what did it involve? I was initially a pest control technician. This involved working out of the back of a van, driving round and carrying out inspections for a range of different customers within my geographical patch in Cheshire. I would be monitoring pest activity and solving pest problems within people’s homes, in pubs, distribution warehouses or supermarkets. Each day would involve something new.

What position are you in now and how did you get there? Length of time and route? I spent 17 months working as a technician before completing a year’s secondment within the technical account management team. This involves overseeing the quality of the pest control service delivery across the largest retail accounts that we look after and providing technical support and first point of liaison for the clients. This then lead on to being successful at applying for the fully fledged RTAM role.

What advice would you give to someone thinking about applying? If you are looking for a fast paced role with lots of variety and opportunity to progress, this is a company to consider.

Sophie James | Rentokil Intial

Position: Marketing Assistant

Degree: BA English

I found the graduate scheme on an online recruitment website and after some research, I realised Rentokil Initial was a large, global company. After finishing university I was looking for a company where I could begin my career, not just a job. The Rentokil Initial marketing graduate scheme has a clear structure and a progression plan that spreads over three to four years, which fitted perfectly with my long term goals.

I started in September 2015 and I already feel that I’ve learnt a great deal. At Rentokil Initial the best way to develop is to get involved and even as a new graduate, I participate in large projects and have my own responsibilities, with support from my manager and other members of the team.

My role is varied day to day and I get to work in several aspects of marketing, across multiple businesses with lots of different people. I particularly enjoy having the opportunity to work outside of the office occasionally, whether it’s attending meetings and visiting branches around the UK or shadowing a sales consultant. It keeps the job interesting and provides a useful understanding of other parts of the business.

I am still completing my first year of the graduate scheme, but I am excited about my future at Rentokil Initial. It’s a great company for someone who is keen to gain a wide range of first-hand experience in marketing.

James Elleston | Peter Cox

Position: Area Surveyor

Degree: Graphic Design

I applied for my role through Peter Cox, who after a year decided to put me on the graduate scheme. I was aware changes were being made within the company with the take over Rentokil but with the current innovation they have, which is ever evolving, I knew it was a great opportunity.

I enjoy that every single day is different; different people, different properties, different commercial clients, and the most interesting thing is dealing with all of these. Having an issue with damp or timber and working out the solution to fix it is something I really enjoy.

When i joined the company I joined as a trainee surveyor. I initially was not allowed to carry out surveys on my own until I had worked as a technician for up to 6 weeks, with a clear understanding of the company and the services we offer. I worked closely with different technicians for 8 weeks and then began to shadow an experienced surveyor for a further 4 weeks. This gave me an understanding on how to survey properties and what to look for.

I started as a trainee surveyor in September 2014 and since starting I have taken and passed two of my CSRT exams in health and safety and damp. Once I complete my timber exam I will be CSRT qualified! I achieved my own approval limit with signing off report and I am also one of the youngest surveyors who works for Peter Cox.

Do not think twice about applying for the graduate scheme, if you have ideas and like to be challenged, if you want to further your career and work for a company that is constantly growing and evolving then this scheme is the best choice!

recent graduates

Natalie Bruff | Rentokil Pest Control

Position: Key Account Manager

Degree: 2:1 Veterinary Bioscience

The company put so much back into their employees!

They’ve given me the opportunities to move up within the company and quickly too! In 2 years I have been a technician, local surveyor and going into Key Account Management now. I have made some great friends at work and working in Central London I’ve also been to some of the most amazing and interesting places! I’ve worked in some high profile sites which are really interesting when you get to go backstage. That’s the good thing about pests, they don’t discriminate so you can be in a building site one moment and then a celebrities house the next!

I’d strongly recommend it, I think there’s still some stigma around working in Pest Control and people are still always really shocked when they see me turn up, but I wouldn’t want to do anything else. ! I have the most interesting stories when I meet up with friends because I’m not stuck in an office all day! There’s such a strong Rentokil community, you’ll be welcomed with open arms!

recent graduates

Melvin Uwaibi | Rentokil Specialist Hygiene

Position: Rookie Consultant

Degree: BA Joint Honours In Business, Journalism & Media Cultures

I found the role advertised on a local job board as I was looking for a sales role with an element of account management.

What appealed to me was that each day was going to be different and not office based. I was encouraged that the business invested so much resources into training in the form of the Sales Academy. My initial training through the sales academy was for six weeks and was a mixture of product knowledge spending time with out with colleagues was helpful in easing my way into my new industry.

I enjoy my role as I get to meet my customers and create a sincere relationship with them. Rentokil Initial had allowed me to go to different places I hadn’t before. The list ranges from schools, commercial restaurants, and factories. One of the highlights so far was the sales conference . Listening to the ambition and direction that the company is heading to reassured me that I was in safe hands. This is what I love most about the company, it’s the continuous growth and limitless opportunity to succeed.

hugo prize

Hugo Coventry | Rentokil Pest Control

Position: Local Operations Manager of Devon, Cornwall and Channel Islands

Degree: BSc Aquaculture and Fishery Management

I was first attracted to Rentokil due to the size of the company and the difference from the “regular” graduate jobs as it is largely a field based job.

Rentokil has certainly showed me that if you work heard you are rewarded with progression. I have been with the company 3.5 years  and am now in my fourth job role learning a number of different roles along the way including Technician, Surveyor/Salesman, Team Leader in charge of service and now Local Operations Manager.

With Rentokil the sky really is the limit when it comes to how far you want to proceed within the company.

The advice I would give someone who is thinking about applying to the role is if you are thrive under pressure and dont mind getting your hands dirty and cant stand the thought of being stuck in an office all day this job would suit you down to the ground.

recent graduates

Sonny Cook | Rentokil Property Care

Position: Area Surveyor

Degree: Building Surveying (Commercial Management) BSc

What appealed to me when I applied for Rentokil Initial was the the scale of the company and the opportunities for career progression and the potential for progression was made very apparent in for first interview. I have always been familiar with Rentokil Initial but as soon as I saw the position online I knew I wanted to work for this company.

The variation and job diversity is probably what I enjoy most about this role. No two days are the same; I’m frequently meeting new people, always facing new challenges, and always learning new skills as I go. As for the company, there is a real sense of community and solidarity in all divisions, and I have always been heavily encouraged to contribute and feel part of it, which I do.

As a company, Rentokil Initial optimises the expression ‘you get out what you put in’, and the training and support network in place for employees is second to none. So my advice to graduates thinking about applying would be to be prepared to work hard and soak up all the skills, experiences and training on offer as the company really values the individuals willing to put the work in. I can guarantee however that if you are willing to work hard, it will not go unnoticed, and you can leave the rest to Rentokil Initial in the way of forging a really successful career in the company.


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