Application and Interview Process

Our recruitment process is simple and straightforward. It’s also quite competitive.

So we thought we’d provide some helpful advice on how to do your best – and really stand out.


Before you begin your application, take a moment to consider your strengths. What are the qualities you have that will make us want to hire you? Whatever they are, make sure they’re clearly spelled out in your application.

Along with thinking about your strengths, take some time to look at your work experience. What are the different roles you’ve done in the past, and what skills and knowledge have you gained as a result? How could you apply those skills and knowledge to a role within our business.

Finally, make sure to attach your CV and, even if it’s not required, a covering letter. If done well, they’ll give your application a real boost.

Ready to Apply?

Thought about our hints and tips? Put everything together here.

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How to Prepare.

Think about how you meet the key competencies we’re looking for and any specific examples where you’ve displayed these qualities.
We’ll ask you questions about your CV so make sure you refresh your memory before the interview.
Being confident about what you have to offer will help you to relax and perform well during the interview.
Don’t just tell us facts about our business. We want to hear what you find interesting or surprising or impressive about us. We want to know why you’d be good for the job and work well in our team.
Use the interview to assess if the role is right for you. Think about your aspirations, motivations and future career plans. Don’t be afraid to ask questions about any aspect of the role you think is unclear or have concerns about.
Feel free to bring notes with key points or specific work examples you wish to mention. Having them written down may put your mind at ease and allow you to focus and enjoy the interview.


Before you can join, you will attend two interviews and also spend some time out in the field with one of our colleagues.


During the first interview we’ll ask you about your skills and experience, and assess how well they match the job you’re applying for. We may also ask you some role playing questions to see how you would handle certain situations you’d experience on the job .


If the first interview goes well, you will spend a few hours in the field with a colleague to experience the role first hand and then you will come in for a second interview with one of the senior managers. During this interview we’ll be keen to learn more about you, how you like to work, and what your motivations and aspirations are.