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Kenneth More at Rentokil Initial UK

Kenneth More

Service Team Leader

I have worked for Initial Washroom Hygiene in Glasgow since 2010.

I originally worked as a Service Driver for eight years, I now lead a team of 12 Service Drivers after taking management training within the company.  

Career at Rentokil Initial

  • What do you do all day? - I am the Service Team Leader for Initial Washroom Hygiene. I am responsible on a daily basis for a team of 12 Service Drivers, ensuring that their work is planned for the week and they have everything they need to carry out great customer service. I also deal with customer queries, fleet maintenance and any issues that come through the help desk such as enquiries or complaints.

  • What do you love about your job? - I really enjoy dealing with customers on a regular basis and my position means I have plenty of customer contact daily. I also enjoy interviewing for new Service Drivers alongside my Branch Manager.

  • What training did you receive when you joined Rentokil Initial? - Since joining Rentokil Initial I have been trained to do every role that I have put myself forward for. Recently, I undertook an Aspiring Managers course that prepared me to manage each member of my team and cope with a different type of workload, including the extra office responsibilities!

  • Talk us through your career so far - I started with Rentokil Initial in June 2010 as a Level 1 Service Driver, taking on extra responsibilities as a fitter after one year. I progressed to Levels 2 and 3 because of my strong performance. In 2017, I was invited to the Guild of Technicians, an event that included an away incentive and a dinner with other top performers like me. In 2017, I put myself forward for and was thankfully accepted onto the Aspiring Everything Service to Service Leader course (with the backing of my manager) which lasted one year. I learnt a lot during the course and this helped me get promoted to the role of a Service Team Leader in April 2018. I continue to learn and develop in this role.

  • Where do you want to go from here? - I want to continue learning in my current role and hopefully I can continue to progress with Rentokil Initial.

  • What makes you a Rentokil Initial person? - I feel that I understand what Rentokil Initial are trying to do as a business and I embrace this in the best way that I can.

  • What advice would you give to other candidates? - I would not hesitate to recommend anyone to join the company as there are opportunities to progress if that is what you are looking for.