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Adam Capell at Rentokil Initial UK

Adam Capell

Specialist Services Consultant for Bird Control

I have been with Rentokil Initial since 2013.

I love the variety about my job, whether I'm in the office or out in the field!

Career at Rentokil Initial

  • What do you do all day? - I visit a team of 12 Rentokil Pest Control Surveyors to provide them with personal support and training. I also review and proofread bird proposals and costing documents and help manage the process of risk assessments being completed for jobs prior to the start of the project. I work with many other people in the business, such as Local Operations Managers, Area Operations Managers and Service Team Leaders.

  • What training did you receive when you joined Rentokil Initial? - I received internal training that also provided me with external qualifications. I received my BPCA Level 1 and BPCA level 2 Pest Control qualifications, as well as rooftop safety training.

  • Talk us through your career so far - I started in Internal Sales Support before being promoted to a Rookie Surveyor. After achieving the sales numbers and KPIs required of me in my first year, I became a fully-fledged Surveyor. During that year I also qualified for the 'Rentokil Achievers Club' by heavily exceeding my sales targets. Lastly, I was promoted to my current role as a Specialist Services Consultant.

  • Where do you want to go from here? - I am not sure at the moment, I will look to progress further when the time is right.

  • What makes you a Rentokil Initial person? - I am determined and I will never give up.

  • What advice would you give to Sales Consultants joining the business? - Managing your time is key to success, have a plan and stick to it. The work is varied and time will fly past in the blink of an eye.