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Our People are always Connected

At Rentokil Initial we are a very operational businesses, but one that operates in a 21st century manner. Would you believe we are one of the pin up business users for both android technology and social media in business with our Project Speed?

This is not about IT – this is about ALL colleagues within Rentokil Initial.

All colleagues within our businesses are equipped with a smart phone or tablet (dependent on job role). This gives you access to both public and company apps and we truly believe that this technology helps all our employees stay connected and deliver a service we can all be proud of.

All members of our team in RI are active in our vibrant social media communities; learn about other parts of the business, share in your teams successes, talk directly to business leaders and enjoy both the serious and banter within the teams. We are the biggest user of  G+ social media within business outside of Asia!

For us, technology is no longer just for the IT people, it’s how we all interact these days. We want you all involved and if you want, there’s the opportunity to see, give feedback and sometimes even pilot brand new apps we are continually developing. If that’s not enough then if you find a public app that’s useful let us know as there’s a finders fee!

RI is a business where you don’t leave technology at home and drift back a century through your work day. We run our business in a way you run your lives.

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The Dragons Den

We think that the right people who design new products and services, the right people to find better ways of doing things, are often the front line guys and girls who are closest to the customers. We want YOU to bring your creativity to work with you and share those ideas and experiences with us.

New for 2015 – Dragons Den is a national competition to find great new ideas to grow sales, reduce cost and improve our customer service​. In the last year more than half of our new innovations and have come from colleagues in the Business, colleagues who understand the customer needs and what we need to do to grow the Business. There are six Regional prizes and a National final with the winner going to Toronto on the next sales incentive.

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