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Safe, legally compliant healthcare waste disposal

We are the experts in healthcare waste management, providing a complete collection, disposal and recycling service for hazardous and offensive waste produced by businesses and organisations associated with the provision of healthcare within the UK.

We understand that healthcare waste legislation controlling the safe handling, collection and disposal of healthcare waste is extensive and often confusing. Our experts can assess your current waste procedures and provide advice and recommendations to ensure your waste is managed in a safe, efficient and environmentally considerate manner.

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Expert consultation

We provide both product and service advice.
We help our customers understand the safe management of healthcare waste.

Tailored service

We offer bespoke products to meet your needs.
Along with all waste documentation including waste transfer notes.

Specialist products

Our products are UN approved and meet EU regulations.
We use colour-coded containers and all products are EWC coded.

Proof of service

Comprehensive documentation for all aspects of Duty of Care.
Postcoded waste for full traceability from cradle to grave.

Other Initial Medical Services

We specialise in the transport and recovery of clinical waste which require controlled disposal due to its infectious, biological, chemical or sharp attributes.

Developed to the meet the requirements of the healthcare industry, our hard clinical waste units are being used by clinics, private hospitals, research & laboratories facilities, veterinary practices and many other customers nationwide.

Compliant with all relevant legislation and regulations, our range of hard clinical waste units combine ease of handling with robust, secure and hygienic performance.

Dentists throughout the UK place their trust in Initial Medical as the leading disposal and recycling company for dental waste. Our understanding of dental customers ensure that we remain at the forefront of this highly regulated industry.

We know that every dental practice produces a variety of waste types and it is essential that all waste produced in your dental practice is placed into its correct container for disposal.

We can offer a waste management package that suits your individual dental practice to handle waste amalgam, spent capsules, bridges and crowns.

In 2010, European Directive EU 2010/32 was published on sharps injuries with the aim of creating the safest possible working environment by preventing injuries to workers caused by all medical sharps.

We provide a range of UN approved colour coded sharps disposal bins and a waste collection service that allows you to safely and legally dispose of all medical sharps paraphernalia; including hypodermic syringes and scalpels.

Working with you, we can help identify the type and frequency of sharps waste that is to be disposed of, enabling us to tailor a solution to suit your individual requirements.

It is important that all medicines are safely disposed of, and this is particularly important for controlled drugs which are at risk of being diverted and misused.

Inappropriate disposal may also have a negative impact on the environment and public safety.
We can offer you the correct products and practical guidance on the destruction of controlled drugs together with advice on safe methods of destruction and disposal to comply with environmental protection legislation.

Offensive waste is non-hazardous but still requires special labelling, storage and disposal. Even for non-hazardous materials, there are still stringent requirements for how such waste must be labelled, stored, collected and treated.

We have a specialist fleet of vehicles (rear end loaders) designed specifically for the collection of offensive waste. These vehicles help to ensure safe manual handling and removal of all waste from wheelie bins – reducing the risk of infection.

We will provide you will all consumables for packaging of clinical and offensive waste. These are colour-coded & available in various shapes & sizes to suit you.

Primary care environments, such as GP & dental surgeries, are environments where people have increased exposure to germs. Patients can unwittingly transfer germs in the most innocuous ways, making effective sanitisers absolutely essential.

Existing alcohol-based sanitising products stop working when they are dry. UltraProtect™ kills 99.9% of germs, and offers long-lasting protection for up to 6 hours on hands and 24 hours on surfaces even when dry. Being alcohol-free, it is also gentle on hands and surfaces and is available as a hand foam, hand gel or hand and surface wipe.

As the medical hygiene experts, we offer a collection of popular clinical and non-clinical products to fulfil a wide range of needs and represent great value. Combined with our new extensive range of cleaning supplies, we now have something for everyone.

A well stocked cleaning cupboard is not a luxury, it’s a necessity. Therefore it’s important that your infection control and cleaning supplies are fully replenished.

Confused about healthcare waste colour codes?

The correct segregation of healthcare waste onsite is vital to ensure that waste is stored, transported and ultimately disposed of in the correct manner. Our helpful guide shows the various colour codes for each waste type, whether the waste is hazardous or non-hazardous and the relevant EWC codes to describe the waste.

Take a look at our helpful guide to waste segregation >

Why Choose Us?

  • Our healthcare waste services ensure that all of your waste is stringently handled in compliance with legislation and in accordance with HTM 0701 best practice guidelines providing you with peace of mind you are adhering to current legislation.
  • We supply a range of colour coded clinical waste disposal bins and training on the correct use of these bins to ensure the accurate segregation of healthcare waste is performed at source.
  • We also provide a wide range of colour coded sharps disposal bins to deal with the different types of sharps waste safely, reducing the risk of injury.

Online Learning Courses

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myLearning is Initial's unique CPD-certified e-learning platform, providing you and your staff a means to continue your education and develop your knowledge. Our interactive online learning provides in-depth training on the correct procedures for managing clinical waste and how to comply with relevant legislation.
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