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With our knowledge and expertise, we can help you create the right interior environment for your business with our range of services. We work closely with our customers to select plants, containers and accessories to suit individual budgets, available space and lighting for business environments.

Research shows that subtle, sensory aspects of your office such as plants, can help you to attract and retain the very best clients and employees. For those that are image conscious and want to bring design into your workplace, nothing creates a wow factor like our LivePicture or BiOrbAIR.

More Than Just Plants

Plants are our passion, but we also enhance any commercial environment with scenting, silk flowers, artwork and Christmas decorations.

Peace of Mind

From the beginning of our relationship, your dedicated Account Manager will understand your needs and make sure you’re getting the best out of us.

Care & Support

We’re always here for you. Your dedicated account manager is always at the end of the phone and happy to help out in any way we can.

Legendary Service

We ensure that your installations are regularly maintained – so your plants will always look as good as the day you got them.

Other Ambius Services

Not only do we provide high quality interior plants and flowers, exterior landscaping services and Christmas decorations & trees for hire, we also provide a range of specialist services. Along with planting and scenting, we use artwork to stimulate the senses, to engage, inspire, connect and to help businesses grow. Our scenting services also help brands to create a sensory experience customers then associate with a business. We also provide a winter gritting service to ensure your businesses car parks and access routes are clear and functional by the start of the working day.

Our exterior landscaping services provide a wide range of grounds maintenance and hanging baskets options to enhance the look of your building; to welcome your visitors and promote your image. We have years of experience in designing and maintaining plant displays around all sorts of buildings; from bay trees outside the front of a hotel or office to major building exterior design and landscaping where the space is limited, or even where a subtle indicator of entrance is required.

We offer a bespoke Christmas design service for all sizes of business. Whether it’s a traditional or contemporary look you’re after, we can help you design your perfect Christmas. We hold a wide range of trees and decorations of exceptional quality, with a superb choice of colour options. Working with us not only means making your business look great during the festive season, but you don’t have to worry about finding the time to put the decorations up or finding the storage space once the season is over.

Artwork is very much part of the Ambius experience. Along with planting and scenting, we use artwork to stimulate the senses, to engage, inspire, connect and to help businesses grow. Many of us now spend most of our waking lives at work in an office. It is simply no longer a case of wanting it to be a more pleasant place. We need art in our offices to make them happy, inspiring and attractive places to be. Our range of striking artwork includes pictures taken from around the UK which artfully capture the beauty and sophistication of our cities and landscapes. Wherever you hang them, our artwork range creates a stunning focal point for everyone to enjoy.

We are the leading experts in developing signature scents, and do so for some of the world’s most recognisable brands. Based on a deeper understanding of your customers and your brand strategy, together with our market leading expertise in developing fine fragrances for spaces, our leading perfumers can create a sensory experience your customers will associate with your brand.

We can create fabulous flower displays using the best artificial flowers on the market. Our florists create stunning floral designs by hand and are made to order, so you can be sure every effort has gone into making displays that are bespoke, clean and fresh.

Why Choose Us?

  • We provide the highest level of service and best quality plants in the industry
  • We take care of everything, from installation to ongoing maintenance
  • Wide range of container shapes, sizes and colours to suit all locations
  • Fully trained staff know how to work safely around your employees and visitors
  • Service visits tailored to your needs, ensuring your plants remain healthy

Benefits of Indoor Plants


One of the benefits of interior plants is that they help cool the air around them through the process of evapotranspiration (the movement of water from the soil, through the plant and into the atmosphere). Large interior plants are also very good reducing temperature through shading. Both of these benefits are especially effective in tall buildings where atrium planting is used to help with temperature regulation.


Our company’s own research studies and those conducted by Peter Costa of South Bank University in London have demonstrated that plants can be effective at reducing background noise. Species selection and positioning are crucial to achieve these effects.


Research carried out in the USA has demonstrated that plants attract more than their fair share of dust. Particulate levels (including airborne spores) can be reduced by as much as 20% in some situations. This could lead to a reduction in the use of air cleaners (although not their replacement) and an improvement in indoor air quality.


Studies in Europe have shown that health complaints at work and symptoms associated with Sick Building Syndrome (SBS) can be dramatically reduced by the addition of good plant displays. Office buildings can be difficult to ventilate naturally and there is limited access to natural light and views.


Rain water is a free resource, which can be collected from the roofs of commercial buildings and used to water interior and exterior plant displays. Grey water (water that’s already been used once, for instance to wash hands or dishes), once treated and recycled for re-use where drinking quality is not required, can also be used to water plants.


Plant displays can be especially useful space management aids in commercial buildings as they form natural screens and partitions, ideal in open plan settings. They help guide people around a space, whilst at the same time reducing noise, collecting dust, humidifying the air and removing some pollutants.

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