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Landscaping Technician

For over 30 years, Ambius has been a leading force in enhancing working environments, improving brand image, promoting wellbeing, and boosting productivity in workspaces through the innovative implementation of Biophilic design.

As an Interior Landscaping Technician, you will collaborate closely with clients to gain insights into their specific preferences, budgetary considerations, and spatial needs. Utilising this information, you will expertly craft design proposals and comprehensive plans, seamlessly integrating plants into indoor environments while considering crucial elements such as lighting, spatial limitations, and aesthetic harmony. Join our team and contribute to the creation of visually stunning and environmentally enriching spaces. Experience the power of Biophilic design with Ambius today!

The benefits of plants go far beyond the aesthetic. We have a firm connection with flowers, plants and trees, which is why we like to have them in our homes. This Biophilia hypothesis (which suggests that we have a connection and love of nature) is just as true when we’re at work.