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At Rentokil Initial, we believe that we can do good in the community as well as good business and we are supportive of colleagues personal decisions to work with the charities of their choice as well as working alongside our own charity Malaria No More.
We are determined to do OUR bit to help Malaria No More UK on their programme to eradicate Malaria, which is still a major killer of young children in Africa but equally your personal causes are also supported by us. So whether its charity bike rides, mountain climbing, marathon running we have done it…
We also believe that we can start the process of contributing at an early age. We have an ongoing “School Tour” across the UK where we take our award winning Pestaurant (from Rentokil Pest Control) and Hygiene Angels (from Initial) around schools in the UK. This lets children realise the value of good hand hygiene, the health threats of pests and the way in which insects can be a sustainable source of food in their own schools.
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The Hygiene Angels

At Initial Washroom Hygiene, we know the importance of good hand washing practice and high levels of hygiene, and because of that we have formed the Hygiene Angels to educate on the importance of proper hand washing. Launched last summer in London, Hygiene Angels set a new World Record for the highest number of hands and personal items swabbed during the course of an hour.

Taking our Hygiene Angels into schools on our tour will allow us to highlight to children the importance of hand washing, when to do it, how to do it properly and how long they should spend washing and drying their hands to make sure it is effective.

The workshop will also allow the kids to carry out some fun swabbing and germ-detecting activities, to see how quickly bacteria can spread from hands to surfaces.


Pestaurant is an award winning pop-up event, which will provide children with the chance to sample a range of edible insects, including salt & vinegar crickets, Mexican spice mealworms, and chocolate-covered bugs.

So far for 2015 we have a number of schools booked in to take part in our Rentokil Initial UK school tour including:

  • Norwich
  • Glasgow
  • Werrington
  • Birmingham
  • Coventry
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